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High School didn’t teach me proactivity.

By: Kyndal Pointer, Neena R Speer Law Firm Intern

I am writing this article because I wish someone would’ve told me these things when I was a freshman in high school. High school is the beginning of the ending. It is a place that is supposed to prepare you for your next steps in life. I did not receive the proper guidance while in high school, so I’m here to be the person I needed back then. 

1. Practice makes perfect- ACT/SAT prep

Proactiveness will give you the headstart you need to be able to conquer the standardized test. By starting your prep freshman year, you will set yourself up to win. Identify your goal score.  Pinpoint what your study technique is and work hard to secure that score.  Early preparation is the key to securing the bag and getting into your dream school. College is expensive. So in other words time is money and the more time you spend preparing. The more money will be available at your disposal.

2. Secure your GPA ( Grade-Point Average)  from day one. 

Put your best foot forward. Apply yourself on everything given.  Get a planner to document all assignments and deadlines . Your high school GPA ( Grade-Point Average) will be A1 from the start but you will have to put in the work in order to succeed. 

3.  Dual enrollment over Advanced Placement. 

 Advanced Placement are college level classes that have slim chances of giving students official college credit.  Take dual enrollment courses. Dual enrollment is offered at your local community college. Both classes give you the opportunity to take college  level classes but dual enrollment is a secure way to get full college credit.

4.  Read between the lines.

Reading is the key to understanding the world around us. From performing high on standardized tests or studying for your driver learner’s permit. Reading will be the key to much of life’s success. When you read more, you tend to have a better vocabulary, strengthens the brain, and lowers stress/ anxiety. 

5. Build a network.

 Networking is a skillset that can never be taught or utilized too early. When it comes to getting letters of recommendations, applying for scholarships, or being a part of different programs, you will need to have people that you can call on to vouch for your character. When you meet someone, always get a business card or point of contact. You may have to utilize that contact one day. Most importantly, always put your best foot forward, have integrity, and make it happen.  

6. Utilize google to create a professional email address.

 Google can be utilized for its storage drive, documents, powerpoint, and excel. This will be a secure way for you to have all of your documents saved and you will not have to worry about losing your documents because google automatically saves everything.  When you create your email, be sure to use a professional username such as your first and last name First impressions are everything.  

7. Volunteer.

Volunteering is the act of giving back to your community in the form of acts of kindness or the obligation of your time. Volunteering at your local community center, community garden, or animal clinic will make you a very great candidate for colleges and other institutions you may seek admissions from. 

8. College Alternatives

College is not for everyone and that is okay. There are alternatives that will give you the opportunity to be just as successful or even more successful than college graduates. From short term programs, trade school, or certification programs, you have a variety of programs that will not be as long of a time commitment as a four year institution. For example, getting your commercial driver’s license to earning a practical nursing degree, you can go to school for a shorter period of time and still be able to make a lucrative income. 

9.Create a LinkedIn Profile.

 LinkedIn is the modern day social media for professionals. It gives you the opportunity to create a reflection of your work, volunteer, leadership, and community involvement on a digital platform. This will give employers the opportunity to get to know you at a glance. Linkedin profiles can also be turned into resumes once you upgrade to premium.

10.  Manifest your dreams.

I recommend getting a planner from your local convenience store and start writing down goals on a weekly, monthly, and annually basis. This will give you the sense of security and a path of action. A plan of action is recognizing a goal and figuring out how you’re going to get there. Sometimes it is just as simple as speaking it into existence, believing in yourself, and tackling obstacles to get there. You are stronger than the things that try to stop you. Goodluck and welcome to high school.

This advice is more than just tips. It is the blueprint to establishing the mindset of success early on. Make it your own. Tip the scale. Dream Big. Work harder.

Kyndal Pointer, Law Firm Intern, has been engaged in community service and activism since she was 10 years old. Her passion for politics, policy, education, and women rights stemmed from the early discovery of money laundering and embezzlement from the school’s superintendent when she was 5th grade. In her community, women were treated as second class citizens, the educational system was poor, and politicians were corrupt, this has motivated Kyndal Pointer to be the change that she seeks and stand up against these injustices. The experiences of her childhood have served as inspiration to the right thing and always be a helping hand to those in need.  As a senior, Political Science major and Community Development minor, she has made an impact on her college campus by establishing her own student organization, being a mentor, and being in several leadership positions in other campus organizations and student councils. She looks forward to being a Legal Intern at Neena R. Speer Law Firm, which will help continue to lay the foundation of social change and equity.

Helping folks is our fave 🤗

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